You Invest. We do
the rest.


How it Works


Pre – Approval

Submit your information online or provide it to one of our Loan Officers and we will get you a pre-approval letter that allows you to bid for properties.During the pre-approval phase we’ll make sure that we have all the necessary paperwork from you to ensure that your loan can move forward once you select a property.


Custom – Loan Options

Once you have a property under contract you can submit all the necessary paperwork online to get the lending process started.

We work with a wide variety of investors ranging from those that are purchasing their first investment property to investors that are purchasing a portfolio of multiple investment properties. You will also have the option to lock your interest rate.


Final Approval & Closing

We’ll make sure that the process goes smoothly including ordering home inspections, appraisal and title insurance. We will ensure that all documentation is provided to the Underwriter for final loan approval.



Once your loan documents have been signed, your loan will fund in the next 48-72 hours and be recorded at the County Recorder’s Office. This is the last step of the process and you now own your investment property.and the appraisal report for final loan approval.